Conveyancing: Call our Massachusetts Attorneys to assist you with the purchase or Real Estate Lawyers | Massachusetts Construction Litigation Attorneyssale of your home or other real property. Our lawyers will provide all the services needed to complete a real estate transaction, whether you are the buyer or the seller. We will negotiate and draft the purchase agreement and other documents, attend the closing, and ensure that all the proper measures are taken to protect your interests. We serve all of Massachusetts, and we are available for closings at a location of your choice. We also perform closings before and after normal business hours, including weekends.

Real Estate Development: The attorneys at Keramaris & Keramaris can guide you through the legal requirements for any development project, including office buildings, apartments, condominiums, retail developments and industrial developments. You can rely on our lawyers to handle all the matters necessary to complete your project, including negotiating contracts, securing financing and obtaining the proper permits. Our firm will also address any disputes involving your real estate development project, including disagreements involving environmental concerns, zoning and contracts.

Commercial Leasing: Our law firm has extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in residential, commercial, office and industrial leasing transactions. Our lawyers will draft a lease tailored to your specific needs and negotiate the lease’s terms on your behalf to ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected. They will also provide you with advice regarding the effect which certain lease terms may have upon mortgages and other agreements with respect to your property.

Commercial Financing: Our law firm represents owners, investors, lenders and developers in a broad range of commercial financing transactions involving multi-family, commercial and industrial real property. Our lawyers will negotiate the terms, draft the agreements and counsel you on the practical aspects of the proposed transaction.

Foreclosure Workouts: If you are having trouble making your mortgage payments, the attorneys at our law firm can help you to avoid losing your home. Some of the alternatives to foreclosure include deferment of mortgage payments, forbearance and loan modification. Our attorneys are well versed with the laws governing foreclosures in Massachusetts, and their advice can help you to protect your most treasured asset, save money and sleep well at night.