This is just something that I've been hearing about on the radio the past few days and I decided that I should share it with everyone here in cyberspace:  Daniel Hamermesh, a professor at the University of Texas, is the author of a book called "Beauty Pays".  Prof. Hamermesh thinks that the Americans with Disabilities Act should be extended to protect unattractive people.  He says that extensive research demonstrates that attractive people make more money than ugly people do.  He believes that unattractive people should be allowed to file suit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in order to overcome the adverse effects of discrimination, and he also wants to see affirmative action programs for unattractive people.

I am wondering what everyone out there thinks about Prof.  Hamermesh's proposition.  Everyone knows that there are laws prohibiting employment discrimination based on race, handicap and other criteria.  Does anyone believe that unattractive people should also be protected under these laws?  Discriminating against someone based on their looks is discrimination after all.  On the other hand, is there anyone out there who believes that Prof. Hamermesh's book simply illustrates that discrimination laws are fundamentally flawed?