Massachusetts Employment Attorneys Specializing in Workplace Discrimination, Nonpayment of Wages, Worker’s Compensation and other Employment-Related Matters.


Our employment attorneys provide expert representation and advice to employers and employees in all aspects of employment law. We represent employees and employers in disputes involving wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and other claims. We have also represented countless employers and employees in suits for nonpayment of wages, and violations of the Massachusetts minimum wage act. Our office also represents employees who have been injured on the job in filing worker’s compensation claims. In addition to providing representation, our lawyers also counsel employers on compliance issues, and assist employers in drafting and implementing workplace policies, employment agreements, noncompetition agreements and other documents.


Please take the time to explore our website and contact us to learn how our Massachusetts employment lawyers can help to resolve your legal issue. Call our office now to schedule a free initial consultation with an employment attorney.

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